Replicate your unique design without a loss in quality with superb DTG printing! We caneven include your group by bringing the printer to your location! 

  Talk about convenience! 


   Kids and adults will love   the technology, and receive their finished 

designs within minutes!

everyone participating can print their own separate design!


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DTG Printing in/around 

Charlotte, NC 

  We have a unique, convenient, exciting, fundraising solution for 

your club,church or youth group, events, company, promotions, 

giveaways, etc. etc.


Our digital apparel printer uses 

the newest technology, speed and flexibility to provide 

promotional, customized, and personalized garments!


 Direct-to-garment printers DTG 

use a time-saving closed-loop 

ink delivery system, that 

easily prints YOUR DESIGN on 

light and dark fabrics! 

About one minute per shirt 

is all it takes. 

The DTG SPRINT can print on:

 T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Uniforms

Infant Clothes, Tote Bags, Socks Ceramic Tile, Mouse Pads  

 Art Canvas, Towels Glass

 Watch below to see our  
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